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Do you know how hard 
It was to give you up?
Tossin' and turnin' on ma' bed
Late at night
Maybe I should say to you
It won't be you - babe
Why must all the bad things
always feel so good?
I would get rid of you
Only if I could
But I cant give up on you
Its always you- always you
But I cant give up, I just cant give up, cant give up
Ah-ah ah ah ah
No one does it for me
Ah-ah ah ah ah
The way you do baby
Nobody be pleasin' me
like you
Ah-ah ah ah ah
Nobody does that thing
Ah-ah ah ah ah
Feels like a boxing ring
ooooh and when I think about it
oooh I just cant live without
Nokia XpressMusic issue

Recently I bought the 5530 Nokia’s phone. Sadly I realize that the default music player of the ‘XpressMusic’ had some problems. For the issue of erasing the empty ‘artist’ folder I found this solution:


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1. Connect the phone to your pc in ‘Massive store mode’

2. In your pc, allow to show the hidden files (PC / Tools / Folder Options / Show every hidden file and folder)

3. Open the phone on your PC

4. Go to E:\Private. You’ll see 3 folders: 101f8857, 101ffca9 and 10281e17. Make a backup of this folders. Just in case.

5. Go to Private\101f8857\Cache\E. You’ll see a lot of .dat files. Erase every .dat file but not the E folder.

6. Now go to Private\101ffca9 and erase the .dat file but not the folder.

7. Finally go to Private\10281e17. You’ll see 4 files. Erase the files but no the folder.

8. Close every folder on your PC and unplug the phone, Go to the Music Library (this automatically will refresh)

Done! Now you can go to ‘Artist’ folder and see that in the list are not the artists that shouldn’t be there. =)

Proved on Nokia 5800 and 5530.

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Simply amazing!!! I TOTALLY LOVED IT!

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Wait until second 40 and he’ll blow your mind!! =D

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